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Auditory Aerobics® is a
credible and promising hearing exercise program to help you understand speech better.

John Isenhath, PhD

By middle age, the ability to understand speech slows down.

It takes more time to understand the words we hear.

When we can’t keep up, we miss what’s said.

People with hearing loss, have the same problem.

Hearing aids amplify but they cannot compensate for weak hearing ability that comes with age.

New hearing exercise gives us the ability to keep hearing sharp

To build stronger hearing ability, the brain must work harder to hear - than it normally does.

This is the Overload Principle. It’s used in exercise and training programs everywhere.

When you physically work harder, your muscles get stronger.

The same thing happens in hearing. When the brain works harder to hear, hearing ability gets stronger.

Auditory Aerobics® helps hearing in ways that hearing aids can not.

To make the brain work harder at hearing,
we overload it.

Our exercises use a special type of speech that overloads hearing with more information than the brain is used to handling. The brain reacts by working harder to make sense of it.

When the brain works harder to hear, over and over again, it adapts by improving hearing ability. As hearing ability improves, the brain doesn’t have to work so hard.

Regular training with Auditory Aerobics® helps you understand speech better

The exercise gradually and progressively increases the overload so the brain will continue to adapt.

Each time the brain adapts, hearing ability gets stronger and stronger.

The brain keeps adapting and through perceptual learning — improves a wide range of hearing skills.

Simply put,
as you listen you adapt.
As you adapt, you hear better.

We’ve tested the hearing of over 100 patients before and after completing training using the “speech-in-noise” test. Here’s what we found:

  • This exercise helps delay the inevitable age-related slowing down of hearing.

  • Over 95% who completed the program, improved their ability to understand speech.

  • Some of them, improved their ability to understand speech, up to 200% better.

  • Many individuals demonstrated that they have regained normal or near normal hearing ability.

  • This means many of you may not need to consider hearing aids — any time soon.

  • There are no side effects.

  • Training benefits typically last anywhere from months to several years after completing the program.
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