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Step 1. Personal Assessment
Your hearing and hearing ability is professionally evaluated.

Step 2. Customized
Based on an audiological profile, Auditory Aerobics® is customized to your needs.

Step 3. Hearing Performance Training
Training in our sound simulator is provided for 45 minutes per session. This gives the brain ample time to improve its efficiency to understand speech and filter out background noise.

Step 4. Keep Hearing Performance Sharp
After treatment, we monitor your progress by periodically testing your hearing ability to assure that you continue hearing at your personal best.

Program Length
The length of treatment varies. It depends on your hearing, the severity of your problem, the frequency of the treatment sessions, and how your hearing responds to the treatment.

J Reid, a recent graduate of the Fast-track program, finished her training program in just 6 short weeks. She improved her understanding ability so much that she scored at the level of normal hearing ability - without hearing aids. As she put it:

“For years, the sound seemed garbled and I was straining to hear. I have finally quit trying, quit struggling. Part of the training was learning to relax and just letting it be, allowing the brain to use its skills to process the sound. Now when I do that, I hear just fine. I’m truly grateful. Thank you.”

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We’ll schedule a free hearing assessment. Our Audiologist will spend time personally reviewing the results with you. The results of the testing will reveal weakness in understanding ability, and will give the Audiologist the information he needs in order to give you the best help possible.

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