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Protect Your Ability To Understand Speech


According to neuroscience research, hearing the unexpected excites brain activity.

Hearing-the-unexpected has been extensively researched worldwide for over 30 years. It is one of the most robust findings in neuroscience research. Nearly 1,000 studies found that seeing or hearing the unexpected increases processing activity in the brain.

Because the desultory talk used in Auditory Aerobics® has the unexpected built into its structure, it facilitates the habituation of background noise. The unpredictable structure encourages our brain to think creatively, which increases processing activity within the hearing system.

What the Research Tells Us

Research suggests that weak hearing ability may contribute to or actually cause up to 80% of speech understanding problems in adults.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that declines in hearing ability may accelerate brain atrophy in the hearing system.

Johns Hopkins research has found that even a slight hearing loss can double the risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

According to researchers at Penn Medicine, as hearing ability declines with age, treatment should be considered to preserve natural hearing ability.

Researchers have found that even when hearing is basically healthy, the ability to understand speech severely DIMINISHES WITH AGE.


There are some things in life YOU JUST CAN’T CHANGE. How CLEARLY you hear USED TO BE one of them.

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