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In Their Own Words: Patient Feedback

Talk of the Town

“A health practitioner referred me to Dr. Isenhath, whose treatment has helped me hear amazingly better, naturally without any hearing aids.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is having difficulty hearing.” Dr. Hanna W.

“It has helped me understand speech better, so much better.” Helen B.

“Several years ago, my wife purchased a “Zen” alarm clock. The alarm sound was a very subtle sound of wood striking wood in a steady beat. Most mornings she would awake prior to the alarm sounding and turn off the alarm before it activated, but on those days that she did not, and the alarm went off, I never heard the sound.

Into my third week of hearing aids and auditory aerobic sessions I was quite surprised and pleased on a recent morning to be awoken to the sound of the alarm clock going off. It is a sound I had never heard before. Obviously, as I was sleeping, I was not wearing my hearing aids at the time.

I can only attribute this new found ability to hear things I had not heard before to the auditory aerobic sessions with Dr. Isenhath.” Ron B.

“The restaurant was completely filled, with very poor acoustics, and with everyone talking louder and louder in an attempt to hear above the noise. I was pleased to find that although it was difficult for everyone, I had no feeling of being “hard of hearing!” ... I had almost no problem understanding and following the discussions... How thankful I am for the vast improvement in my ability to understand what is being spoken!”  Joan B.

“Treatment was excellent, a huge success. It works!”  Martin Y.

“ When I think of how this exercise has helped me hear better, words like “fantastic and unbelievable” come to mind. It’s even better than “sliced bread.” I am amazed how much better I hear, especially in noisy restaurants. I don’t tense up in crowds like I used to do. All I can say is if you haven’t started yet, hurry up — you don’t know what you’re missing.“  Patricia  S.

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