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In Their Own Words: Patient Feedback

Talk of the Town

“Helped me understand speech better, even without my hearing aids.”
Joseph L.

“I am quite pleased with the results... you helped so much, it’s really worth everything. My hearing has really improved. I forget to wear my hearing aids and all day, I could hear everything without it. It’s really remarkable.”  Julia N.

“It really helped me tune out background noise.”  Leota M. 

“I struggled trying to hear with hearing aids for several months. I couldn't hear over the background noise. Then I heard about this new method and wanted to see for myself if it could help me. To put it plainly, - it’s incredible. It has made a big difference with my hearing for the better. I can now hear better in crowds than my husband can!”  Mary L.W.

“I wore hearing aids in the past that I never got used to. I got frustrated since I could never get used to it. I tried another hearing aid, but it never lived up to what I was told. Then I started Auditory Aerobics®. And ever since, my new hearing aid does what I expect it to do. Now I hear so well, I don’t even know I wear a hearing aid. This program has turned my hearing aids from failure to success.”  Paul G.

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