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In Their Own Words:
Patient Feedback

Talk of the Town

“I struggled trying to hear with hearing aids for several months. I couldn’t hear over the background noise. Then I heard about this new method and heard it was a highly successful program and wanted to try it out myself. It has helped.  It has made a big difference with my hearing for the better. I endorse it wholeheartedly. I figure that since it helped me, it can help anyone to hear more clearly.” Laura L.

“I can hear so much clearer.” Darlene F.

“The exercise keeps me hearing better than I imagined. And I enjoy doing the exercise. It’s very agreeable and fun to do. Would I recommend this exercise to others? Absolutely.”  Margaret S.

“This program trained my ears to hear better.”Marilyn H.

“I hear 100% better than I could with my old hearing aids that I struggled with for six years... I hear wonderfully now.” Mary T.

“I have been convinced that the concepts of this program are correct and work. I have my normal hearing (ability) back and my natural understanding of words without effort. I know that I am better because I don't have to say ‘what’ anymore.”  Frank W.

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