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In Their Own Words:
Patient Feedback

Talk of the Town

“Dr. Isenhath’s program helped relieve my tinnitus, and it helped me to hear incredibly better.”  Rose E.

“I put off my hearing problem for one reason. I was not ready for hearing aids. I’m too young.  I realized that everyday I put off hearing, was really depriving my brain of needed stimulation.  Knowing that, I knew I wanted to do something.  In my work, good hearing is essential. Then I heard there are hearing-enhancing exercises that could improve speech perception.  So I decided to try it.  I started noting a change almost right away.  Eventually, I elected to get hearing aids and with the two together, it has made all the difference in the world.  I can now hear better in crowds than my husband can. In doing so, I soon realized I had not been hearing well for years. I am more confident and satisfied with the way I hear.”  Lee W.

“I now hear so much better in meetings that I enjoy taking part.  It really helped me hear better.”  Judith C.

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