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The Effectiveness of Auditory Aerobics®
Hearing Performance Training Is Based
On 30 Years Of Neuroscience Research

Why you need Auditory Aerobics®

The basic need for distraction therapy is the fact that crowd noise can be very disruptive. It tells us to pay attention to it. Sometimes screaming at us, other times whispering in our ear. It keeps trying to get us to pay attention to it. We reach a point where we can’t tune it out. This makes hearing in noisy places almost impossible.

The “Speech Distractor”

The speech distractor that causes the most effective distraction is a desultory dialogue. A desultory dialogue says familiar things in unfamiliar ways. It draws you in because nearly every new utterance is a surprise. The surprising use of words catches attention and reflexively causes you to look for a way to understand it.

Training exposes you to half of a desultory dialogue in simulated crowd noise

The dialogue is intentionally incomplete. It leaves out more and more information until you can't predict what’s coming next. It’s like that moment of most suspense in a movie. You become riveted, because you have no idea what happens next.

A desultory dialogue grabs attention unlike any ordinary conversation. It’s like the difference between walking on a smooth beach in sunlight (conversation) and walking on a rocky cliff in moonlight (desultory dialogue.). One takes little attention. The other takes all your attention.

Hearing clearly in simulation helps you hear clearly in real situations

At Advanced Hearing Care’s listening lab, our patented sound simulator provides the environment for distraction therapy.

The distraction process starts in simple background noise. First, you focus on the desultory dialogue. This will help you tune out noise effortlessly. Then tune it out over and over. Noise soon becomes less distracting. This helps you hear more clearly. Easily. Confidently.

As hearing performance improves, you move on to more challenging noise settings. Just one or two 45 minute sessions a week. Progress at your own pace.

Auditory Aerobics® helps 95% of participants hear better in crowds. Many hear better without hearing aids. Individual results vary.

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