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Auditory Aerobics®
makes your brain work harder,
to make your hearing sharper.

The brain adapts to these exercises in multiple ways that help you hear better.

As your brain adapts, it strengthens your ability to interpret sound, filter out noise, understand speech and so on.

It helps boost hearing performance in ways that hearing aids can not.

Adaptation begins as soon as training creates an overload

Hearing Adaptations

As the brain adapts, you start hearing better. First, in the exercise, then in everyday conversation.

Starting as early as your first session.

Comprehension Adaptations

As the brain adapts, the ability to understand speech grows stronger. The reason? These exercises stimulate adaptation. Adapting perfects hearing skills. This helps you understand speech better and faster.

Crowd noise Adaptations

As the brain adapts, it separates the important sounds from the background. Then it starts filtering out background noise. This helps you hear better in crowds.

Noise Habituation

As the brain adapts, it learns to tune out ear noise (tinnitus). The more it adapts the less you notice the noise. Over time you may stop hearing it altogether.

Adapting to training overload varies from person to person

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